A Y Strainer is a filtration device used in fluid systems to eliminate solid particles from liquids or gases. Its Y-shaped body incorporates a straining element, typically a mesh screen or perforated plate, positioned at a 45-degree angle to the pipeline. This design efficiently captures contaminants while enabling the fluid to pass through. Regular maintenance involves cleaning or replacing the straining element to ensure uninterrupted flow.
Introducing our high-quality Cast Carbon Steel Y Strainer, manufactured to ASME B16.34 standards. Crafted from ASTM A216 WCB, this 18-inch strainer is designed for Class 150 LB and PN20 applications. Equipped with RF Flanged Ends for easy installation and secure connections. Featuring a durable SS 304 Screen Mesh, it effectively filters debris. Ideal for industries requiring reliable filtration in large-scale applications.
Discover our ASME B16.34 compliant Y Strainer, manufactured in our state-of-the-art plant in China. Constructed from ASTM A216 WCB, this 10-inch strainer is engineered for Class 150 LB applications. Featuring a durable SS 304 Perforated Screen, it effectively filters debris. Its double-layer net structure enhances filtration efficiency. With butt-welded ends, installation is secure and hassle-free. Ideal for industries requiring reliable filtration in demanding environments.
Discover our ASTM A217 C12A Y Strainer. Constructed from cast alloy steel, it ensures durability and reliability. Compliant with ASME B16.34 standards, it meets industry quality requirements. Sized at 20 inches (DN500) for Class 600 LB and PN100 applications, it's suitable for various industrial settings. Featuring a Stainless Steel 304 screen mesh for effective filtration, it ensures optimal performance. With butt welded ends for secure sealing, our Y strainer provides dependable filtration in critical systems.
Our ASTM A216 WCB Y strainer plant specializes in crafting robust strainers from carbon steel, adhering to ASME B16.34 standards. These strainers are designed for reliability and durability, available in a size of 6 inches (DN150) with a pressure rating of Class 2500 LB (PN420). They feature a pressure seal bonnet for enhanced sealing, an SS 304 screen mesh for effective filtration, and RTJ flanged ends for secure connections.
Discover our high-pressure Y strainer crafted from ASTM A216 WCC cast carbon steel, meeting ASME B16.34 standards. With an 8-inch (DN200) size and Class 2500 LB (PN420) rating, it ensures robust filtration and protection for industrial systems. Featuring butt-welded ends for secure installation, it effectively removes impurities, ensuring smooth and long-lasting operation.
Enhance your liquid filtration system with our ASME B16.34 Cast Steel Y Strainers. Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 24 inches and suitable for 150-600 LB applications, these strainers are ideal for diverse setups. Crafted from casted carbon, stainless, and alloy steel, they boast durability. The incorporation of SS 304 and SS 316 screens ensures effective filtration.
Elevate your fluid filtration game with our cast iron Y strainers. Compliant with ASME B16.34, these strainers come in sizes from 1/2 to 24 inches, ideal for Class 150 LB applications. Crafted from robust materials like Cast Iron GG25, HT250, and Ductile Iron GGG40, QT450, GGG50, they ensure durability. The SS 304 or SS 316 screen, along with RF, BW, and SW end options, makes them a reliable choice for your filtration requirements.
Source premium API 602 Y-Strainers from our reputable supplier. Crafted from forged steel, including ASTM A105N, F11, F22, LF3, F304, F316L, F304L, these strainers ensure durability and performance. Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 2 inches (DN15 - DN50) and designed to withstand Class 150-800 LB, each strainer features a reliable SS 304 or SS 316 screen. Elevate your industrial processes with these high-quality Y strainers.