A Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve is a type of industrial valve that incorporates additional support for the ball, providing enhanced stability and control, especially in high-pressure and large-diameter applications. The term "trunnion mounted" refers to the fixed shafts, known as trunnions, which support the ball at both the top and bottom. This design allows the ball to pivot within the valve body while maintaining precise alignment and reducing operating torque.

We supply ASTM B148 C95800 Trunnion Ball Valves, crafted from Cast Aluminum Bronze, meeting API 6D standards. Available in 8-inch size for Class 150 LB applications, they ensure reliable performance with DN200 and PN20 ratings. Featuring a Two-Piece design, Full Bore configuration, Soft Seats, and RF Ends, they offer efficient flow control and excellent sealing.
Explore our 2-piece trunnion ball valve, meticulously crafted from durable carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB, compliant with API 6D standards. With a size of 10 inches (DN250) and a pressure rating of Class 300 LB (PN50), it ensures reliable performance in high-pressure environments. Featuring RPTFE seats, bolted bonnet, and side entry design, it guarantees efficient and secure fluid control for your industrial applications.
Explore our trunnion ball valve meticulously crafted from forged carbon steel ASTM A105N, adhering to API 6D standards. With a substantial size of 16 x 14 inches, it operates under Class 900 LB pressure conditions, ensuring robust performance even in demanding environments. The valve features RTJ ends, ensuring secure and leak-free connections for your industrial applications.
Presenting our extended stem ball valve crafted from ASTM A350 LF2 forged carbon steel, designed to API 6D standards. With a size of 14 inches (DN350) and a pressure rating of Class 150 LB (PN20), this trunnion-type valve ensures reliable performance in demanding applications. Featuring a 3-piece construction and RF ends, it offers robustness and versatility for various industrial needs.
We offer ASTM B148 C95800 ball valves built to API 6D standards, featuring a 10 x 8-inch size and a Class 150 LB rating. Crafted from cast aluminum bronze, these 2-piece body valves employ a trunnion design with a side-entry configuration and soft seating for optimal performance and longevity in various industrial settings.
Our 2-piece trunnion ball valve, crafted from ASTM A216 WCB in accordance with API 6D standards, boasts a size of 16 inches and operates at a pressure rating of Class 150 LB. It comes equipped with RF flanged ends, ensuring reliable performance and durability for a wide range of industrial applications.
Our 30 Inch Trunnion Ball Valve, manufactured from forged steel ASTM A105, meets API 6D standards. With a substantial size of DN750 and a Class 600 LB (PN100) rating, this valve is designed for robust performance. The Delvon seat ensures reliable sealing, and the three-piece construction makes maintenance more convenient. Operated with gears, this valve is equipped with RF ends, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
Our Trunnion Ball Valve Plant in China produces high-quality valves designed to meet API 6D standards. Crafted from cast steel ASTM A216 WCB, this valve has a substantial size of 42 inches (DN1050) and a Class 600 LB (PN100) rating. The Nylon seat ensures reliable performance. With a two-piece construction and RF flanged ends, this valve is suitable for various applications. Count on the precision and durability of our valves for your projects.
Our Forged Trunnion Ball Valve, manufactured in China, meets the stringent standards of API 6D and is crafted from ASTM A105N forged steel. With a substantial 32-inch size, DN800, and Class 300 LB (PN50) rating, it ensures robust performance. Featuring a Delvon seat, three-piece construction, bolted bonnet, and Double Block and Bleed (DBB) capability, this valve provides reliable isolation. The raised face (RF) ends enhance its adaptability. Rely on the excellence of our products for your critical applications.
Our ASTM A216 WCB Ball Valve, crafted from cast carbon steel, adheres to API 6D standards. With a 12-inch size, PN25 pressure rating, and Class 300 LB, it offers reliable flow control. Featuring an RPTFE seat, trunnion type, and a two-piece design, this valve is ideal for diverse applications. The butt-weld (BW) ends enhance its suitability. Trust in the quality and precision of our products for your projects.

Features of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Trunnion mounted ball valves offer several key features that make them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. These features include:
1. High Pressure Capability

This type of ball valve is designed to handle high-pressure applications more effectively than floating ball valves, suitable for applications in oil and gas, petrochemical, and other industries where high pressures are common.
2. Reduced Operating Torque

runnion mounted ball valves typically require lower operating torque, making them easier to operate, especially in high-pressure conditions.
3. Enhanced Stability

The trunnion design provides additional support to the ball, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of ball wobbling or misalignment during operation.
4. Bi-Directional Sealing

The valve offers reliable bi-directional sealing, making it suitable for applications where flow direction may vary.
5. Fire-Safe Design

Many trunnion mounted ball valves are designed to be fire-safe, ensuring they can maintain a seal even in high-temperature and fire conditions.
Trunnion mounted ball valves are chosen for applications where reliable shut-off, high-pressure capability, and stability in large-diameter pipelines are critical. Their robust design and ability to handle demanding conditions make them well-suited for a variety of industries.