ASTM B148 C95800 Trunnion Ball Valve, API 6D, 8 Inch, 150 LB

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Model No.: JSC-240511-TMBV-01

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We supply ASTM B148 C95800 Trunnion Ball Valves, crafted from Cast Aluminum Bronze, meeting API 6D standards. Available in 8-inch size for Class 150 LB applications, they ensure reliable performance with DN200 and PN20 ratings. Featuring a Two-Piece design, Full Bore configuration, Soft Seats, and RF Ends, they offer efficient flow control and excellent sealing.
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Detail Information

Cast Bronze C95800 Trunnion Ball Valve

Valve description: Ball valve, trunnion type, soft seat, bolted bonnet, two pieces, cast bronze, full bore, anti-static, fire-safe API 607 API 6FA, AED O-rings, lip seals, packing low fugitive emission ISO 15848

Design & Manufacture: API 6D
Body material: ASTM B148 C95800
Nominal diameter: 8 Inch (DN200)
Nominal class: Class 150 LB (PN20)
Ball: C95800
Stem: Monel K500
Face to face: ASME B16.10
Test and inspection: API 598
Metal seat: RPTFE
End connection: RF
Mode of operation: Wormgear

Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valves can be made with either a 2-piece body or a 3-piece body, depending on the size. Valves smaller than 20 inches are typically designed with a 2-piece body, while those larger than 20 inches are usually manufactured with a 3-piece body.

We offer the valves below:
Two Piece Trunnion Ball Valve, Side Entry
Three Piece Trunnion Ball Valve, Split Body


Size Range: 2 Inch – 48 Inch (DN50-DN1200)
Pressure Range: Class 150 LB – 2500 LB (PN10-PN420)


Design / Manufacture: API 6D, ASME B16.34, DIN 3357, EN 13709, GB/T 12237, BS 5351, JIS B 2071
Face to Face Length (Dimension): MFG, API 6D, ASME B16.10, EN 558-1, DIN 3202, JIS B 2002
Flanged Dimension: ASME B16.5, EN 1092-1, BS 4504, DIN 2501
Flanged to ASME B16.5 (2 Inch-24 Inch) and ASME B16.47 Series A / B (26 Inch and above) Clamp / Hub ends on request.
Butt Welding Ends: ASME B16.25, EN 12982, GB/T 12224
Testing: API 598, API 6D, EN 12266-1, EN 1074-1, ISO 5208, DIN 2401, JIS B 2003.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800 - Material Details

ASTM B148 UNS C95800 is a very strong nickel aluminum bronze alloy. It has good castability, high strength, and outstanding corrosion resistance due to a tough oxide film.

Chemical Composition of Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800

Copper: 79.0 min
Aluminum: 8.5-9.5
Iron: 3.5-4.5
Manganese: 0.8-1.5
Nickel: 4.0-5.0
Silicon: 0.10 max
Lead: 0.03 max

Mechanical Property of Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800

Tensile Strength: 85 ksi (585 Mpa)
Yield Strength: 35 ksi (240 Mpa) min
Elongation in 2 in. or 50.8 mm: 15%min
Reduction of area: 35% min
Hardness (3000kg load): not required.

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