We also produce various Special Ball Valves that are engineered to meet unique requirements beyond the standard features of general-purpose ball valves. Here are several types of special ball valves, each tailored for specific purposes:
Three-Way Ball Valve: This special valve has three ports, allowing for diversion or mixing of flow in multiple directions. They are commonly used in applications where fluid direction needs to be changed or controlled.
Multiport Ball Valve: This special valve has more than the standard two ports, providing multiple flow paths. It comes in various configurations, such as 4-way, 5-way, etc., offering diverse flow control options.
Segment Ball Valve: This special valve has a segmented ball with a contoured or V-shaped opening. This design provides precise control over flow modulation, making it suitable for applications where accurate control is essential.
Eccentric Ball Valve: This special valve has an offset or eccentrically mounted ball, which allows for better sealing performance and reduced wear. This design is effective in handling viscous fluids and slurries.
Double Block & Bleed Ball Valve: This special valve incorporates two seating surfaces to provide a double block against upstream and downstream flow, with a bleed valve for cavity relief. This design enhances safety and isolation.
Rising Stem Ball Valve: This special valve has a stem that raises and lowers with the movement of the ball, providing a visual indication of the valve's position. This feature is beneficial for operators to monitor the valve's status.
Pigging Valve: This special valve is specifically designed for use in pigging operations, where a cleaning device (pig) is inserted into a pipeline for maintenance or cleaning purposes. These valves facilitate the passage of the pig.
Each of these special ball valves serves a unique purpose and is designed to meet specific industry requirements. The choice of a particular valve depends on the intended application, fluid characteristics, and operational needs.


Our Flanged Segment Ball Valve is constructed from robust carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB. Complying with API 6D standards, this valve is designed for reliability. With a size of 6 inches (DN150) and a Class 150 LB (PN16) rating, it suits various industrial needs. The V Type Port enhances flow control, and the Wormgear Operation ensures easy and precise adjustments. Count on the quality and performance of our Flanged Segment Ball Valve for your applications.


Discover excellence in Bolted 2 & 3 Piece Pigging Ball Valves. Crafted with precision, these valves come in sizes ranging from 2 to 36 inches, featuring Class ratings of 150 to 1500 LB. Compliant with industry standards such as API 6D, ASME B16.34, DIN 3357, and EN 13709, our valves offer Fire Safe and Double Block & Bleed (DBB) capabilities for enhanced safety and performance in various applications.


Are you in search of a trusted supplier for Non-Contact Rising Stem Ball Valves from China? Look no further. Our cutting-edge valves boast a Top Entry, Trunnion Mounted design with Metal Seating. Available in sizes from 2 to 36 inches, these valves deliver Class ratings of 150 to 1500 LB. Rely on our precision engineering for dependable solutions across diverse industrial applications.


Explore our range of Double Block & Bleed Ball Valves – expertly manufactured in compliance with industry standards such as ASME B16.34, API 6D, and EEMUA 182. These valves, available in Forged and Cast Steel, feature a 3-Piece, Split Body design and come in sizes ranging from 2 to 36 inches. With Class ratings of 150 to 1500 LB and a Side Entry configuration, our valves provide reliable and efficient solutions for various applications.


Looking for top-notch Eccentric Segment Ball Valves? We supply valves crafted to meet industry standards such as API 6D. Available in Carbon, Alloy, and Stainless Steel variants, these valves range from 2 to 96 inches with Class ratings of 150 to 2500 LB. Engineered with fireproof, antistatic, and explosion-proof features, our valves ensure both safety and performance excellence in diverse applications.


Are you looking for precision-engineered Segment Ball Valves? Our producer specializes in V Port and V Bore designs, available in sizes ranging from 2 to 24 inches. With Class ratings of 150 to 900 LB and accommodating DN50-DN600 and PN16-PN160 specifications, these valves, crafted from Carbon or Stainless Steel, adhere to industry standards such as API 6D, ASME B16.34, DIN 3357, and EN 13709. Trust in our expertise for reliable and efficient solutions.


Discover our high-performance Multiport Ball Valves from China. Sized between 2 to 24 inches with Class ratings of 150 to 900 LB, these valves come in a Four-Way, X-Shape configuration. Built to industry standards, including API 6D, DIN 3357, BS 5351, EN 13709, and ASME B16.34, they ensure longevity and reliability for diverse industrial applications.


Source high-quality Three-Way Ball Valves from our esteemed China Supplier. Compliant with industry-leading standards such as API 6D, DIN 3357, and BS 5351, these valves are available in both L and T types. With a versatile size range from 2 to 24 inches and Class ratings of 150 to 900 LB, our valves feature a robust design with options for Forged or Cast Steel Bodies.