API 6A Oilfield Plug Valve, 2–4 Inch, 5000-15000 PSI

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Model No.: JSC-231206-ASW-01

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Explore our API 6A Oilfield Plug Valve from China, sized 2–4 inches and designed for 5000-15000 PSI. Compliant with API Q1, NACE MR0175, and PSL1-4 standards, this valve features DD and EE designations, and supports Hammer Union, Flange, and Thread Ends. Count on its versatility and reliability in oilfield applications.
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Detail Information

API 6A Oilfield Plug Valve is an important part which is used on high pressure manifold for the well cementing and fracturing operations. It can also be used for high pressure fluid control system. Its main parts include valve body, bonnet, plug, plug cap, segments and hand wheel. Plug valve features compact structure, easy maintenance, low operating torque, rapid opening and easy operation, making it ideal for the cementing and fracturing manifolds.

Plug Valve is lubricated, tapered seal, quarter-turn plug valve for quick full open or close operation. Our plug valve cavity is tapered to ensure uniform seating of the sealing inserts, providing a reliable seal at the full range of pressures. Our plug valves are fabricated according to API Spec 6A and API Q1 standards and are available in working pressures up to 15,000 PSI. 

Detailed Specifications

Bore Size: 2 Inch – 4 Inch
Pressure Rating: 5000 PSI to 15000 PSI
End Connection: Hammer Union, flange or thread
Standards: API Spec 6A, API Q1, NACE MR0175
Material Class: DD, EE
Temp Class: P-U  (-29°C to 121°C)
Paint Color: Red or as per customer's requirement
PR Rating: PR1, PR2
PSL Rating: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3, PSL4
Application: Oilfield Manifolds

Main parts include body, bonnet, plug, segments and hand wheel.
  -Cylinder-shaped metal to metal sealing surface between plug and segments ensure reliable working performance.
  -Regular end connection is fig 1502M* F unions which can be customized per request.
  -Valve shall successfully complete hydro test prior to delivery.

API 6A Oilfield Plug Valve

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