API 6A FC Slab Gate Valve, 1-13/16 to 7-1/16 IN, 2000-10000 PSI

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Model No.: JSC-231201-ASW-01
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Introducing our advanced API 6A FC Slab Gate Valve, meticulously manufactured in China. Spanning 1-13/16 to 7-1/16 inches, and rated for 2000-10000 PSI, this valve meets PSL1-4 standards, ensuring top-notch safety. With designations AA-HH and a Non-rising Stem, it guarantees unmatched reliability in demanding oil and gas environments. Trust our valve for precise and durable performance.
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Detail Information

FC gate valve adopts a non-rising stem, slab gate, full-size conduit design, floating slab gate and seat, and floating seat ring body bushing design to provide safe and reliable service.
FC gate valve is widely used in wellhead assembly, oil production tree, tubing head, casing head, and manifold, and has the function of cutting off and connecting fluid flow in the pipeline.
Slab Gate Valve is a special mechanical device used in oilfields and designed to control (close-open) flow stream. Slab Gate Valves are usually used as a component of oilfield equipment, which works under high pressure, such as Christmas tree, wellhead assembly, frac trees, choke manifold, kill manifold, debris catcher, sand filter, cyclone wellhead desander, line heater, etc. API 6A Slab Gate Valves are used during flowback, well testing, oil production. Slab Gate Valve is either operated manually or by hydraulic actuator.
Slab Gate Valve consists of following parts:
· Valve body
· Expanding Gate / Slab Gate
· Lubrication Fitting
· Stem
· Bonnet Seal Ring
· Seat
· Lubrication Fitting
· Thrust Bearings
· Bonnet Packing
· Packing Injection Fitting
· Valve Bonnet
· Handwheel / Actuator
· Lower Bonnet
· Steam Protector
· Lower Steam
· Ball Screw
Slab Gate Valve shall be based on operational and environmental conditions where slab gate valve is used.
API 6A FC Slab Gate Valve General
Name: API 6A FC Slab Gate Valve
Pressure: 2000 PSI – 10000 PSI
Diameter: 1-13/16 Inch - 7-1/16 Inch (DN46-DN180)
API 6A FC slab gate valve
Working temperature:
-46℃~121℃ (LU Grade)
-18℃~180℃ (X Grade)
-18℃~345℃ (Y Grade)
Material Level: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Specification Level: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3, PSL4
Performance Level: PR1, PR2
Temp Class:  L, P, R, S, T, U, V
Application: Wellhead X-Mas Tree, Casing Head, Tubing Head, Manifold
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