Forged Steel Gate Valve

A Forged Steel Gate Valve is a gate valve designed for applications that require strength, durability, and reliability under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. This type of gate valve is constructed through a forging process, where metal is shaped and compressed to create a dense and robust structure.

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Discover our Integral Flanged Gate Valve Plant, dedicated to excellence in engineering. Crafted with API 602 standards and forged carbon steel ASTM A105N, our 2-inch valve ensures reliability in Class 600 LB and PN100 settings. With a bolted bonnet, renewable seat, and RF ends, it guarantees secure sealing and ease of maintenance. Trust our valve for dependable fluid control in critical applications.


Welcome to our Stainless Steel Gate Valve Factory. Crafted from ASTM A182 F321 stainless steel and built to API 602 standards, our valves ensure top-notch quality. With a versatile 1-1/2 inch (DN40) size, Class 300 LB rating, and PN50 compatibility, they excel in various applications. Featuring a bolted bonnet, reduced bore, and RF integral flange ends, our valves offer secure sealing and easy installation. Trust in our expertise for premium valve solutions tailored to your needs.


Discover precision with our ASTM A105N Gate Valve, manufactured to API 602 standards. This 1-inch valve (DN25) boasts a Class 1500 LB rating and PN250 compatibility, ensuring reliability in demanding applications. Featuring a welded bonnet, reduced bore, solid wedge, renewable seat, and but-welded ends, it offers a secure and seamless connection for your industrial needs.


Our Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve, compliant with API 602 standards, is constructed from high-quality ASTM A105N Forged Carbon Steel. With a size of 1 Inch (DN25) and a Class 300 LB (PN50) pressure rating, it ensures reliable performance. Featuring a solid wedge for effective flow control and RF Integral Flange Ends for secure connections, this valve is designed for durability and ease of use with a manual handwheel.


We are a leading manufacturer of pressure seal bonnet forged gate valves in China, providing sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches with pressure ratings of Class 150-1500 LB. Our valves, crafted from high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel, adhere to industry standards including API 600, API 603, and DIN 3357. Trust us for reliable and durable forged gate valves designed to meet a range of specifications for diverse applications.


We are a reputable producer of bolted bonnet forged gate valves in China, offering sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches (DN15 to DN100) with pressure ratings of Class 150-1500 LB and PN16-PN250. Our valves are manufactured from high-quality materials, including carbon steel and alloy steel, and conform to industry standards such as API 600 and BS 1414. Trust us for reliable and durable forged gate valves designed to meet diverse specifications for various applications.

Design Features of Forged Steel Gate Valve

The design features of a forged steel gate valve play a pivotal role in its functionality and suitability for various applications. Here's an overview of the key design features:
Rising Stem: Numerous forged steel gate valves integrate a rising stem design, offering a visual indication of the valve position.
Bolted Bonnet: Forged steel gate valves commonly include a bolted bonnet, facilitating straightforward access for maintenance and repairs.
Full Port/Full Bore Design: Often configured with a full port or full bore design, ensuring an unobstructed flow path and diminishing pressure drop.
Forged steel gate valves excel in situations where reliability and durability are crucial, rendering them apt for essential roles across diverse industrial fields. Their sturdy build and resilience to tough conditions establish them as integral components in fluid control systems.