A Forged Steel Globe Valve is a type of globe valve crafted to control fluid flow in pipelines by regulating or throttling. Built with durable forged steel, the valve has a globe-shaped body and a movable disk (or plug) for flow control. The disk is linked to a stem, and the operation usually includes turning a handwheel or using an actuator to adjust the disk position within the valve body.


Present our Forged Carbon Steel Globe Valve, crafted to ASTM A105N and API 602 standards for exceptional quality. With a size of 1-1/2 inches and Class 800 LB rating, it's designed for reliability in demanding environments. Features include a Bolted Bonnet, Outside Screw & Yoke mechanism, and NPT threading for easy installation. Operated via a handwheel, this valve offers precise control. Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications requiring dependable performance.


Discover our API 602 compliant Globe Valve, crafted from Forged Steel with ASTM A105N specification. Featuring a Bellows Seal for enhanced durability, this 1-inch valve is designed for Class 600 LB and PN100 applications. With a Welded Bonnet and Reduced Bore design, it ensures secure operations. Threaded with NPT ends, it offers easy installation. Ideal for various industrial settings requiring reliable performance.


Present our ASTM A105N Y-Type Globe Valve. This valve adheres to API 602 standards, ensuring quality performance. Sized at 1-1/2 inches (DN40) for Class 800 LB and PN150 applications, it's suitable for demanding environments. Featuring a bolted bonnet, reduced bore design, and NPT ends connection, it offers secure sealing and easy installation. Our valve provides dependable performance you can rely on in various industrial applications.


Discover our robust forged steel globe valves meticulously crafted to API 602 standards. Constructed from high-quality aluminum bronze (ASTM B150 C61900), these valves ensure superior performance and durability. With a diameter of 1 inch (DN25) and a pressure rating of Class 800 LB (PN150), they are suitable for demanding industrial applications. Featuring a bolted bonnet design, reduced bore, and NPT ends, these globe valves offer reliable operation and precise flow control.


Introducing our API 602 Bolted Bonnet Globe Valve Supplier, committed to excellence in engineering. Crafted from forged carbon steel ASTM A105N, our 1-inch valve ensures reliability in Class 800 LB and PN150 settings. Featuring a reduced bore, renewable seat, and SW ends, it guarantees secure sealing and streamlined maintenance. Trust our valve for dependable fluid control in critical applications.


Presenting our API 602 Cryogenic Globe Valve Manufacturer, specializing in top-tier engineering. Crafted with ASTM A182 F316 forged stainless steel, our 2-inch valve meets Class 1500 LB and PN250 standards. Featuring a bolted bonnet, reduced bore, and BW ends, it ensures secure sealing and efficient fluid control. Trust in our valve for reliable performance in cryogenic applications.


As a reputable supplier of integral flanged forged globe valves, we provide a comprehensive range crafted from alloy, carbon, and stainless steel. Our valves cover sizes from 1/2 to 3 inches and are suitable for Class 150-4500 LB applications. Designed in accordance with API 602, ASME B16.34, BS 5352, and DIN 3352 standards, our integral flanged forged globe valves offer reliable performance across various applications.


As a trusted supplier of bellows seal forged globe valves in China, we offer a diverse range covering sizes from 1/4 to 3 inches. Our valves cater to Class 150, 300, 600, and 800 LB specifications, adhering to API 602, BS 5352, and DIN 3356 standards. Crafted with precision, our bellows seal forged globe valves feature bodies made from high-quality alloy, carbon, and stainless steel, ensuring reliable performance across various applications.


We are a dedicated fabricator of threaded forged globe valves, utilizing materials such as ASTM A105, ASTM A350 LF2, and A182 F9. Our valves conform to API 602 and DIN 3352 standards, covering a comprehensive range from 1/2 to 3 inches (DN15 to DN80) and accommodating Class 150-4500 LB, PN20-PN760 specifications. Designed with SW ends, our threaded forged globe valves are crafted for reliable performance across various applications.


As a leading manufacturer of forged Y globe valves, we adhere to international standards, including API 602, BS 5352, ASME B16.34, and DIN 3352. Our comprehensive range covers sizes from 1/2 to 3 inches, accommodating Class 150-4500 LB, DN15-DN80, and PN20-PN760 specifications. Crafted from high-quality materials, including alloy, stainless, and carbon steel, our forged Y globe valves are designed for reliable performance and durability across a variety of applications.