ASTM A105N Globe Valve, Bellows Seal, API 602, 1 IN, 600 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: JSC-240607-FSGLV-01

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Discover our API 602 compliant Globe Valve, crafted from Forged Steel with ASTM A105N specification. Featuring a Bellows Seal for enhanced durability, this 1-inch valve is designed for Class 600 LB and PN100 applications. With a Welded Bonnet and Reduced Bore design, it ensures secure operations. Threaded with NPT ends, it offers easy installation. Ideal for various industrial settings requiring reliable performance.
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Detail Information

Forged Bellows Seal Globe Valve

Valve description: Welded bonnet, Reduced bore, NPT Thread, Plug, Renewable seat, bellows sealing
Body material: ASTM A105N
Design: API 602
Nominal diameter: 1 Inch (DN25)
Nominal class: Class 600 LB (PN100)
Metal seat: 13cr
End connection: NPT Thread
Face to face: MFR, API 602
Mode of operation: Handwheel
Test and inspection: API 598

The forged steel bellows seal globe valve addresses the persistent issue of stem gland packing leakage, which leads to significant energy losses and increased factory downtime. Beyond the financial impact, gland leakages pose serious environmental, ecological, and health risks to workers. The leakage of sensitive materials can result in fire hazards, explosions, and damage to equipment due to corrosive substances. Additionally, if leaked air infiltrates the pipeline, it can create flammable, explosive, or poisonous mixtures. Traditional gland packed valves often require constant maintenance, complicating accessibility and further exacerbating operational challenges.

Major Advantages

Bellows Seal Element: The key component of bellows sealed globe valves is the metal bellows. This part connects the cover and stem through automatic roll welding, ensuring that the stem remains leak-free.
Enhanced Seal and Longevity: Thanks to the conical and streamlined design, the disc provides a reliable seal and boasts a longer service life.
Double Seal Design (Bellows + Packing): The combination of bellows and packing offers superior protection against leakage, ensuring an excellent seal.
Grease Nipple: This feature allows for direct lubrication of the stem, nut, and sleeve, enhancing the valve's performance and durability.
Ergonomic Hand Wheel: Designed for ease of use, the ergonomic hand wheel ensures longer service life and more straightforward operation.

Technical Specification

Design standard: API 602, DIN 3356
Face to face dimension: MFR, API 602, DIN 3202
Test & inspection: API 598, DIN 3230
Flanged ends: DIN 2543, DIN 2544, DIN 2545


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