Grove G4N Flat Gate Valve, ASTM A515 70, DN300, PN63, RTJ

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Model No.: JSC-240511-CSGAV-01

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We supply the Grove G4N flat gate valve, constructed from carbon steel ASTM A515 Grade 70, suitable for DN300 (12 inch) pipelines with PN63 (Class 400 LB) pressure rating. This valve features a double block and bleed design, ensuring full bore functionality, and is equipped with RTJ ends for secure sealing.
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Detail Information

Cameron Grove G4n Flat Gate Valve

Valve description: Slab gate valve, carbon steel, Double Block & Bleed, Full bore, piggable, Through conduit

Body material: ASTM A515 Grade 70
Gate: ASTM A515 Grade 70 ENP
Nominal diameter: DN300 (12 Inch)
Nominal class: PN63 (Class 400 LB)
End connection: RTJ
Face to face: ASME B16.10
Test and inspection: API 598
Mode of operation: bare shaft

The G4N gate valve in the portfolio of GROVE valves is fabricated of welded steel plates and forged rolled ends. As the size and pressure class increase, the valve body is reinforced with multiple welded ribs. The pressure-containing plates are sandblasted and ultrasonically inspected. Both the gate and the seats are floating parts. The initial seal, at extremely low differential pressure, is obtained by a series of springs behind the seats pushing against the gate.

  • Stem seals with self-energized nonrolling lip seals
  • No side load and friction drag on the stem—low operating thrust
  • Stem protector and gate position indicator
  • Through-conduit, self-cleaning, floating slab gate
  • Floating seat always in contact with the gate
  • Metal-to-metal primary seal; protected O-ring secondary seal
  • Block-and-bleed and double block-and-bleed design
  • Top-entry body for inline maintenance
  • Built-in sealant injection system for emergency sealing
  • Graphite packing fire-safe sealing
  • Metal-to-metal with tungsten carbide coating (TCC)

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