GOST 5762 Gate Valve, ASTM A352 LC1, 20 Inch, 300 LB, Flanged

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: JSC-240621-CSGAV-01
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This 20-inch Flexible Wedge Gate Valve, manufactured to GOST 5762 standards with ASTM A352 LC1 material, is designed for Class 300 LB pressure applications. It features a bolted bonnet, OS&Y mechanism, rising stem for ease of operation, and full bore design for minimal pressure drop. With flanged ends for easy installation, it ensures reliable performance and durability in demanding industrial settings.
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Detail Information

GOST Gate Valve
Valve description: Flexible wedge gate valve, alloy steel, bolted bonnet, rising stem, OS&Y, wedge gate, Full bore, non-rising handwheel
Design / Manufacture: GOST 5762-2002
Body material: ASTM A352 LC1
Wedge Material: ASTM A352 LC1+STL
Seat Material: STL
Nominal diameter: DN500, 20 Inch
Nominal class: PN40, Class 300 LB
End connection: Flange
Face to face: GOST 3706-93, GOST 3326-86
Test and inspection: ISO 5208/GOST
Mode of operation: Handwheel
Design / Manufacture: GOST 5762-2002
Face to Face Length (Dimension): GOST 3706-93
Flanged Dimension: GOST 12815-80
Testing: GOST 356-80
Key Features
Carbon Steel for temperature -40 ~450℃: Сталь 20, 20Л, 25Л  
Low Carbon Steel for temperature -60 ~450℃: 09Г2С, 20ГЛ
Stainless Steel for temperature -60 ~565℃: 12Х18Н9ТЛ
Stainless Steel for temperature -60 ~565℃: 12Х18Н12М3ТЛ,10Х17Н13М2Т
Wedge Gate Valves-Size and Pressure
DN 15-400 PN16, 1.6 MPa—1530 (с,лс,нж) 41нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 541нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 941нж
DN 15-400 PN25, 2.5 MPa—30 (с,лс,нж) 64нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 564нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 964нж
DN 15-400 PN40, 4.0 MPa—30 (с,лс,нж) 15нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 515нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 915нж
DN 15-400 PN63, 6.3 MPa—30 (с,лс,нж) 76нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 576нж, 30 (с,лс,нж) 976нж
DN 15-50 PN160, 16.0 MPa—31 (с,лс,нж) 45нж
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