Cast Bronze Floating Ball Valve, JIS H5111 BC2, 1 x 3/4 Inch

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Model No.: JSC-240621-FBV-02
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This Cast Bronze Floating Ball Valve adheres to JIS H5111 BC2 standards and is constructed from durable cast bronze. It features a compact size of 1 inch x 3/4 inch with a pressure rating of 5K (PN5), suitable for low-pressure applications. The valve is equipped with a soft seat for reliable sealing, a bolted bonnet for secure closure, and a two-piece body design for ease of maintenance. Its RF ends ensure leak-free connections and straightforward installation in piping systems. Ideal for various industrial and marine applications, this valve combines robust construction with efficient performance.
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Detail Information

Cast Bronze Floating Ball Valve

Valve description: Ball valve, floating type, soft seat, bolted bonnet, two pieces, cast bronze, reduced bore, anti-static, fire-safe API 607, API 6FA

Body material: JIS H5111 BC2 (Cast Bronze)
Nominal diameter: 1 Inch x 3/4 Inch
Nominal class: 5K, PN5
End connection: RF
Soft seat: PTFE
Face to face: JIS B2002
Mode of operation: Lever
Test and inspection: JIS B2002

Cast steel floating ball valves feature a two-piece bolted carbon steel body with flanged ends and a floating ball design. Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 Inch to 12 Inch, these valves are offered in both full port and regular port configurations. They are rated for ANSI Class 150 LB to 600 LB, ensuring robust performance across various pressure ratings. All valves comply with the standards set by BS 5351, BS 6755, and API 607, guaranteeing reliability and adherence to industry benchmarks.

Bronze, aluminum bronze, and nickel aluminum bronze ball valves are primarily utilized in demanding operational environments where they must withstand highly corrosive conditions. These include desalination platforms, various types of ships (including warships and submarines), and offshore drilling operations.

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Size Range: 1/2 Inch to 12 Inch (DN15-DN300)
Pressure Range: Class 150 LB to 600 LB (PN16-PN100)
Materials: UNS C95700, UNS C95800, UNS C95820, UNS C95900, UNS C63000, Al-Bronze, B62, Brass, Ni-Al-Bronze. 


Design Standard: BS 5351 
Face to Face Length (Dimension): JIS B2002
Flanged Dimension: JIS B2220
Butt Welding Ends: ASME B16.25, EN 12982, GB/T 12224
Testing: JIS B2003
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