Lubricated Tapered Plug Valve, WCB, API 599, 26 Inch, 600 LB

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Model No.: JSC-240319-PBPV-01

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Introducing our Lubricated Tapered Plug Valve, crafted from ASTM A216 WCB material to meet API 599 standards. Sized at 26 inches and rated Class 600 LB, this valve ensures robust performance in critical applications. With a metal seat and RF ends, it guarantees secure sealing and connection. Trust in our Lubricated Tapered Plug Valve for reliable flow control in demanding environments.
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Detail Information

Metal Seated Lubricated Plug Valve 

Valve description: Pressure balance, lubricated, Regular Pattern, tapered shape plug valve, metal seat
Body material: ASTM A216 WCB
Plug material: ANSI 4140 + N
Nominal diameter: 26 Inch (DN650)
Nominal pressure: Class 600 LB (PN100)
Face to face: ASME B16.10
Test and inspection: API 598
Design & manufacture: API 599
Seat: Metal
End connection: RF
Mode of operation: Wormgear

Metal seated lubricated plug valve can be designed according to ANSI standard, and metal seated lubricated plug valve was widely applied for petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry etc. Lubricated plug valve can be called as Pressure balance lubricated plug valve, and the main application of Metal seated lubricated plug valve is cutting and connecting the pipeline medium with pressure class 150 to class 2500 LB under the temperature -29℃ to +180℃ or -40℃~450℃.

Metal Seated Lubricated Plug Valve - Main Characteristics

1. There are compact structure, reliable sealing, perfect function and attractive shape for lubricated plug valve natural gas.
2. Metal seated lubricated plug valve is Inverted pressure balance structure, easy to be opened or closed.
3. There is a oil groove between lubricated plug valve body and sealing surface, the sealing grease can be injected into the seat through glib( oil nozzle) to increase the sealing performance. 
4. For the spare parts material and flange size, metal seated lubricated plug valve can be customized according to different actual working condition to meet project requirements.

Venturi Pattern: The plug port is reduced area, but the change of section thru the body throat is so designed as to produce a Venturi effect to restore the velocity head losses thru the valve thus resulting in a relatively low pressure drop. 
Regular Pattern: These valves have face to face dimensions in accordance with the appropriate British and American standards where applicable. This ensures the maximum interchangeability between valves or different types and end connections. The plug ports of these valves have a rectangular-slightly tapered shape in section and have an area larger than Venturi Pattern. The transition from the round body end ports to the rectangular seat ports is smooth, and entails no sudden alteration in shape or section which might cause excessive changes in velocity or direction of the fluid flowing in the pipeline. 
Short Pattern: These valves have the same face to face dimension as gate valves according to ANSI B16.10 in class 125,150,250 and 300. In order to obtain the relatively short face to face dimensions, the plug port is reduced and has a rectangular slightly tapered-shape.

Metal Seated Lubricated Plug Valve - Technical Specification
Design & manufacturer API 599, API 6D
Nominal diameter 1/2 Inch – 36 Inch ( DN15-DN900mm)
Pressure class Class 150 - Class1500
Length of face to face ASME B16.10
Flange end ASME B16.5
Test & inspection API 598, API 6D
Operation model Handle wheel, worm gear, pneumatic and electric actuated

Metal Seated Lubricated Plug Valve - Structure

Lubricated Tapered Plug Valve Design

Metal Seated Lubricated Plug Valve - Main Parts Material
NO Part Name Material
1 Body ASTM A216-WCB A 217-WC1,WC6,WC9,C5, ASTM A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
2 Plug ASTM A182-Gr.F6a ASTM A182-F22 ASTM A 217-WC1,WC6,WC9,C5, ASTM A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
3 Gasket Flexible graphite + stainless steel
4 Cover ASTM A216-WCB A 217-WC1,WC6,WC9,C5, ASTM A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
5 Bolt ASTM A193-B7,A193-B8,A193-B8M
6 Nut ASTM A194-2H,A194-8,A194-8M
7 Packing Flexible graphite+304
8 Gland ASTM A216-WCB A 217-WC1,WC6,WC9,C5, ASTM A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
9 Wrench ASTM A216-WCB, ASTM A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
10 Yoke nut ZQA 19-4
11 Hand wheel ASTM A536 Gr.60-40-18 ,ASTM A216-WCB


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