Full Bore DBB Plug Valve, ASTM A216 WCB, API 6D, DN250, PN16

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Model No.: JSC-240418-PBPV-01

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Explore our plug valve, meticulously crafted from ASTM A216 WCB to API 6D standards. With a size of DN250 and a pressure rating of PN16, it ensures reliable performance in various applications. Featuring a full bore and double block and bleed design, it offers enhanced safety and efficiency in fluid control systems.
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Detail Information

Full Bore DBB Plug Valve 

Valve description: DBB, double block and bleed, dual seal, non-lubricated, expanding

Body material: ASTM A216 WCB
Plug material: ANSI 4140 + N
Nominal diameter: DN250 (10 Inch)
Nominal pressure: PN16 (Class 150 LB)
End connection: RF
Standard: API 6D
Face to face: ASME B16.10
Mode of operation: Wormgear
Test and inspection: API 598
Non-lubricate sealing

Plug valves feature two seats energized by a single obturator, with a drain port between them. Achieving bubble-tight sealing, the obturator (plug) forces the segments against the body seats. This sealing is independent of line pressure and can be verified online, making the plug valve a genuine API 6D Double Block & Bleed Valve.

In flammable fluid lines, pressure buildup inside the valve cavity can lead to accidents. To prevent this, Plug Valves come with an inbuilt cavity pressure relief system. Additionally, plug valve seats can be renewed without removing the valve from the pipeline. When in the open position, segments can be retracted from the seat and replaced after removing the bottom cover. Care should be taken to drain the line. For online verification of seat integrity and to drain the body cavity, Plug Valves are supplied with a drain port.

Full Bore DBB Plug Valve Components

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