GS-C25 Angle Globe Valve, DIN EN 13709, DN150, PN16, RF Ends

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: JSC-240607-CSGLV-01
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Introducing our GS-C25 Angle Globe Valve, compliant with DIN EN 13709 standards. Constructed from Carbon Steel 1.0619 (GP240GH), this 6-inch valve is designed for DN150 and PN16 applications. With a Class 150 LB rating, it ensures reliable performance. Operated via a handwheel for precise control, it features RF Flanged Ends for secure connections.
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Detail Information

DIN Angle Globe Valve

Body material: Carbon Steel GS-C25 (1.0619, GP240GH)
Design standard: DIN EN 13709
Nominal diameter: DN150, 6 Inch
Nominal class: PN16, Class 150 LB
Metal seat: 13cr
Face to face: MFR
Test and inspection: EN 12266
Mode of operation: Handwheel
End connection: RF

Description: The angle seat globe valve features an inlet and outlet forming a precise 90° angle. This design facilitates smoother medium redirection, minimizing the need for extra pipe joints and elbows. Additionally, it substantially decreases flow resistance in comparison to conventional straight-through patterns. 

Technical Specifications

Standard material: GP240GH (1.0619/GS-C25), G-X6CrNi18.9 (1.4308), G-X6CrNiMo18.10 (1.4408)
Design standard: DIN EN 13709:2002
Test & inspection: DIN EN 12266:2003
Face to face dimension: DIN EN 558-1:1995
Flanged ends: DIN EN 1092-1:2002
Welded ends: DIN EN 12627

DIN EN 13709 Angle Globe Valve Design Drawing

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