High Pressure Globe Valve, 3/8-12 IN, 10-32 MPa, PN10-PN320

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Model No.: JSC-231120-CSGV-68

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As a distinguished supplier of high-pressure globe valves from China, our offerings adhere to ANSI B16.34 E101 standards. We provide a versatile range from 3/8 to 12 inches, covering DN 10 to DN 300 specifications. Tailored for elevated pressures, our valves operate within the range of 10-32 MPa and are suitable for PN10 to PN320 and Class 600 to 2000 LB. Crafted from premium materials, including ASTM A217 WC6 and A351 CF8, our high-pressure globe valves are engineered for reliable performance across various applications.
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Detail Information

High Pressure Globe Valve

The high temperature and high pressure globe valve is suitable for ANSI Class 1500 ~ 3500 LB and working temperature of - 29 ~ 570 ℃ in petroleum, chemical and thermal power plants

High pressure globe valve main features

1. The product is designed and manufactured according to ansib16.34 and E101 standards, and can be used with imported equipment.
2. The pressure self tightening sealing structure is adopted in the middle chamber of the valve, and the higher the inner pressure, the better the sealing performance.
3. The sealing surface of valve disc and valve seat is made of Stellite cobalt based cemented carbide
4. The depth of valve cover stuffing box is reasonable, the packing is added with corrosion inhibitor, the sealing is reliable and the switch is stable.
5. The valve has upper sealing structure to ensure no leakage through the valve stem when the valve is opened.
6. The opening and closing of electric stop valve is controlled by electric device, which is equipped with special motor, reducer, torque control mechanism, field operation mechanism, manual and electric switching mechanism. In addition to local operation, it can also be operated remotely.

High pressure globe valve specifications

Design Code: ANSI B16.34 E101
Face to face: ANSI B16.10 E101
Pressure and temperature class: ANSI B16.34 E101
Pressure test: API 598 E101

Product range:
Main material: ASTM A217 WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A, CA15; ASTM A351 CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 12Cr1MoV, 12Cr1MoV
Nominal diameter: DN 10 - DN 300, 3/8 Inch -12 Inch
Pressure range: 10 - 32Mpa, Class 600 - 2000 LB
Applicable temperature: - 29 - 570 ℃
Operation mode: manual, gear drive, electric, etc
Applicable medium: water, steam, etc

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