Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve, 1/2-8 IN, Class 150-600 LB

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Model No.: JSC-231117-FBV-27 Hits: 2

As a distinguished supplier of Forged Steel Floating Ball Valves, we provide versatile solutions tailored to your specifications. Our valves come in both 2-Piece and 3-Piece configurations, suitable for sizes ranging from 1/2 to 8 inches and Class ratings of 150-600 LB. Engineered in compliance with API 608, ASME B16.34, and BS 5351 standards, our valves offer flexibility with FF, RF, RTJ Flange options, as well as NPT, BW, and SW Ends.
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Detail Information

Forged Floating Ball Valve
Forged Floating Ball Valve can be 2piece or 3-piece body, made of forged steel, connection type including, FF, RF, RTJ Flange, NPT, BW, SW ends. Reduced Bore and Full Port are upon request.
We manufactures the following ball valves
Side Entry Design Forged Ball Valves
End Entry Floating Ball Valve
Long Pattern Forged Ball Valve
Short Pattern Forged Ball Valve

Size from 1/2 Inch to 8 Inch (DN15-DN200)
Pressure from 150 LBS to 600 LBS (PN16-PN100)

Design / Manufacture as per the standards:MFG, API 608, ISO 17292, EN-12516, ASME B16.34, DIN 3357, EN 13709, GB/T 12237, BS 5351
Face to Face Length (Dimension) as per the standards: MFG, API6D, ASME B16.10, EN 558-1, BS 5163, GB/T12221, DIN 3202
Flanged Dimension according to the standards: ASME B16.5, EN 1092-1, BS 4504, DIN 2501,
Testing according to the standards: API 598, API 6D, EN 12266-1, EN 1074-1, ISO 5208, BS 6755-1

Fully Compliant to ASME B16.34
Fully Compliant to API 608, API 6D, BS5351
API 607 6th Edition Fire-Safe
All Models are NACE MR0175 Compliant
Submerged Packing System & Direct Mount Actuation
Standard ISO  Actuator Mounting Pads on All Sizes
Standard Locking Stainless Steel Handles, Locking Bracket
Second Generation PTFE Seats Provide Higher Operating Temperatures
Standard Electrically Grounded Ball & Stem
All Sizes use Body Studs & Nuts for Ease of Disassembly
Forged material for dependable quality and performance
ASTM A961 Corrosion Protective Coating
Swing Out Construction for ease of installation
ISO Integral Mounting Pad
Anti-Static Device
Blowout Proof Stem


Carbon Steel:
ASTM A105, C22.8 / P250GH (1.0460/1.0432)
Low Temperature Carbon Steel (LTCS):
ASTM A350 LF2, TStE 355 / P355QH1 (EN 1.0571/1.0566)
Alloy Steel:
ASTM A350 LF1, LF3, LF5, LF6, LF9, LF787
High Temperature Steel (Chrome Moly) / Alloy Steel:
ASTM A182 F1, 15Mo3 / 16Mo3 (EN 1.5415)
ASTM A182 F11, 13CrMo44 / 13CrMo4-5 (EN 1.7335)
ASTM A182 F22, 10CrMo9-10 / 11CrMo9-10 (EN 1.7383/1.7380)
ASTM A182 F91, X10CrMoVNb9-1 (EN 1.4903)
Austenitic Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel:
ASTM A182 F304 X5CrNi1810 / X5CrNi18-10 (EN 1.4301)
ASTM A182 F304L X2 CrNi 19-11 (EN 1.4306)
ASTM A182 F316 X5CrNiMo 17 12 2 / X5CrNiMo17-12-2 (EN 1.4401)
ASTM A182 F316L X2 CrNiMo 17 13 2 / X2CrNiMo17-12-2 (EN 1.4404)
ASTM A182 F316 Ti X6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2 / X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 (EN 1.4571)
ASTM A182 F321 X6 CrNiTi 18 10 / X6CrNiTi18-10 (EN 1.4541)
ASTM A182 F347 X6CrNiNb1810 / X6CrNiTi18-10C (EN 1.4550)
ASTM A182 F44 (6MO) (EN 1.4547)
ASTM A182 F20*(ALLOY 20)
Ferritic-Austenitic / Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel:
ASTM A182 F51, X2 CrNiMoN 22 5 3 / X2CrNiMoN22-5-3 (EN 1.4462)
ASTM A182 F52, (EN 1.4460)
ASTM A182 F53, X2CrNiMoCuN 25.6.3 (EN 1.4410)
ASTM A182 F55, X2CrNiMoCuWN 25.7.4 (EN 1.4501)
ASTM A182 F60, (EN 1.4462)
Other materials:
Alloy 20 ASTM B462 / UNS N08020
Monel 400 / UNS N04400 ASTM B564-N04400 / A494 M35-1 NiCu30Fe (EN 2.4360)
Nickel Alloy 904L / UNS N08904 X1NiCrMoCu25.20.5 (EN 1.4539)
Inconel 625 / UNS N06625 / ASTM B564-N06625 / ASTM A494-CW6MC
NiCr22Mo9Nb (EN 2.4856)
Inconel 825 / UNS N08825 / ASTM B564-N08825 / A494 CU5MCuC (2.4858), NiCr21Mo (2.4858)

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