Model No.: JSC-240306-EBV-02
Explore our triple eccentric butterfly valves crafted in China, designed to EN 593 standards and constructed from ASTM A216 WCB material. With a substantial size of 40 inches (DN1000) and a robust Class 150 LB (PN16) rating, these valves ensure reliable performance in demanding applications. Their uni-directional design and high-temperature resistance make them ideal for use in various industrial settings where precision and durability are paramount.
Model No.: JSC-240306-CSGLV-01
Explore our cast carbon steel globe valves, built to BS 1873 standards and crafted from ASTM A216 WCB material. With a sizable 10-inch (DN250) size and a robust Class 1500 LB (PN250) rating, they offer reliable performance under high pressure and temperature conditions. Featuring a bolted bonnet, renewable seat, RTJ ends, and gearbox operation, our globe valves ensure secure shut-off and precise flow control in critical industrial applications.
Model No.: JSC-240306-EBV-01
Explore our state-of-the-art triple eccentric butterfly valves, meticulously designed to API 609 standards. Crafted from robust ASTM A216 WCB cast carbon steel, these valves ensure exceptional performance and longevity. With an impressive size of 48 inches (DN1200) and a pressure rating of Class 150 LB (PN20), they are ideal for handling large volumes in industrial applications. Featuring a uni-directional design and butt-welded ends, our butterfly valves provide reliable flow control and seamless integration into your piping systems.
Model No.: JSC-240306-FSGLV-01
Discover our robust forged steel globe valves meticulously crafted to API 602 standards. Constructed from high-quality aluminum bronze (ASTM B150 C61900), these valves ensure superior performance and durability. With a diameter of 1 inch (DN25) and a pressure rating of Class 800 LB (PN150), they are suitable for demanding industrial applications. Featuring a bolted bonnet design, reduced bore, and NPT ends, these globe valves offer reliable operation and precise flow control.
Model No.: JSC-240306-SPV-01
Explore our premium PTFE sleeved plug valves meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance. Crafted to DIN 3202 and API 599 standards with UB6 specifications, these valves feature a robust construction using SS 904L (UNS N08904) material, also known as DIN 1.4539. With a diameter of DN200 (8 inches) and a pressure rating of PN16 (Class 150 LB), they ensure reliable operation under various conditions. Equipped with a worm gear actuator, these valves offer precise control and durability for your industrial applications.
Model No.: JSC-240306-MSBV-01
Discover our range of metal-seated floating ball valves designed for high-performance applications. Crafted from ASTM A182 F316L stainless steel and compliant with API 6D standards, these valves ensure reliable operation. With a size of 3/4 inch (DN20) and a pressure rating of Class 300 LB (PN50), they are suitable for demanding environments. Featuring a 2-piece forged body, extended bonnet, and RF ends, these valves offer durability and precision in fluid control systems.
Model No.: JSC-240228-FWBV-01
Discover our fully welded carbon steel ball valves, manufactured to DIN EN 10217-2 ST 37.8 standards. With a robust 16-inch (DN400) size and a Class 300 LB (PN25) rating, these valves are designed for high-pressure applications. Featuring a trunnion design and equipped with soft seats, they ensure reliable sealing and minimal maintenance. Additionally, they offer double block and bleed functionality, enhancing safety and performance in critical processes.
Model No.: JSC-240228-EBV-03
Explore our cast carbon steel butterfly valves, manufactured to EN 593 standards and crafted from ASTM A216 WCB material. With a DN800 (32 inch) size and PN25 (Class 300 LB) rating, these valves offer reliable performance. Featuring a triple eccentric design, they ensure smooth operation and tight shut-off. With uni-directional flow and butt weld (BW) ends, they're ideal for various industrial applications.
Model No.: JSC-240228-EBV-02
Discover our bi-directional metal-seated butterfly valves, built to EN 593 standards and crafted from ASTM A216 WCB cast carbon steel. With a DN600 (24 inch) size and PN16 (Class 150 LB) rating, they offer robust performance. Featuring a triple eccentric design, these valves ensure reliable operation and tight shut-off in both directions.
Model No.: JSC-240228-EBV-01
Explore our stainless steel butterfly dampers, crafted from SS 321 for durability. Sized at DN800 (32 inches) with a PN1 rating, they offer reliable performance. Featuring a centerline butterfly plate and welded body & disc, they ensure tight sealing. With a bare stem design and flange ends, installation and operation are convenient and secure.