Aluminum Bronze Eccentric Butterfly Valve, PTFE Seated

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We supply aluminum bronze eccentric butterfly valves from China, featuring nickel aluminum bronze construction and designed in accordance with API standards. These valves are equipped with PTFE seating and are available with options for worm gear, electric, or pneumatic actuation. Trust our products for reliable performance and versatile solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
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Aluminum Bronze Eccentric Butterfly Valve PTFE Seated

C95800 nickel-aluminum bronze butterfly valve is currently used in domestic desalination projects and offshore platform projects. Generally, it is a stainless steel butterfly valve with soft cover, which cannot meet the use effect of the butterfly valve due to the harsh working environment of marine climate and seawater. The eccentric series aluminum bronze butterfly valves produced by our factory according to API standards are applied to sea water and have good effects in marine environment. We hope that new and old customers will come to negotiate and guide us! According to the different forms of the valve body, the soft seal butterfly valve is divided into two types: type A and type LT. The two are only different in valve body structure, and other accessories are the same. As for the type of valve body to be used, customers will generally give requirements. We can produce it according to customer requirements (i.e. flange standard). This product is composed of valve body, butterfly plate, sealing ring, transmission mechanism and other main parts. Its structure is designed according to the three-dimensional eccentric principle, and the new processing technology of elastic seal and hard and soft multi-level seal is compatible, so that the butterfly valve can reduce its torque force and save energy during operation, so as to ensure the reliability of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance of the whole butterfly valve. 

Product Details

The main valve body and disc of the nickel-aluminum bronze butterfly valve are made of nickel-aluminum bronze butterfly valve, the valve stem is Monel K400, and the butterfly plate seal is PTFE or RPTFE, which is mainly applicable to corrosive media such as seawater. The nickel aluminum bronze resistant butterfly valve is mainly composed of the following accessories: valve body, valve disc, valve shaft, rubber seat, bushing, O-ring, taper pin (for centerline butterfly valve). This is the basic accessory. After these accessories are available, the assembled headless complete machine, namely, the smooth rod butterfly valve, can be assembled into a complete valve only with the drive device. According to the different drive devices, it can be divided into: handle with dial and electric head, worm head and pneumatic head. The connection between the drive device and the valve body needs bolts, the handle butterfly valve needs two bolts, and the worm, electric and pneumatic head need four bolts, 8 bolts shall be used for DN700 and above.
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