Wafer Piston Check Valve, API 594, 6D, 1/2-4 Inch, 150-900 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: JSC-231124-WCV-87
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As a distinguished factory in China, we specialize in manufacturing wafer piston check valves in accordance with API 594 and API 6D standards. Our versatile range covers sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches, catering to Class 150, 300, 600, and 900 LB specifications. Crafted from ductile iron, our wafer piston check valves are designed with a wafer end configuration, ensuring wear resistance and erosion-proof performance across various applications.
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Detail Information

Wafer Piston Check Valve

Piston check valves are automatic valves that open with forward flow and close against reverse flow. The main function of a check valve is to protect mechanical equipment in a piping system by preventing fluid reversal

Wafer Piston Check Valve-Features

Short length, small volume and light weight
Hard material welded sealing surface, which is wearing resistant, erosion proof, abrasion proof and long-lived;
With a small starting pressure, the valve discs can be fully opened under a very small pressure difference
Fast discs closing and small water hammer pressure;
Convenient installation and applicability on both level and vertical pipes
Different materials for the parts, sizes and forms of the valves surfaces are available for free combination according to the working facts and the customer’s requirements.
Piston plate Check Valve is economical on installation and maintenance because installation is required less and light weight.
Piston plate Check Valve is possible to prevent water hammering due to closing valve disk by operating the spring in valve before back flow. Also Due-Check valve prevents large piping the for big gap water levels.
It's possible to reduce maintenance fee due to longer durability than existing check valve, easy maintenance    

Wafer Piston Check Valve-Specifications

Design Standard: API 594, API 6D 
Face to face standard: ANSI, API 594, API 6D, ANSI B 16.10
End Connection: Wafer
Size Range: 1/2 Inch - 4 Inch (DN15-DN100)
Pressure Rating of Valve: 150 LB, 300 LB, 600 LB, 900 LB, Class 150-900 LB
Body & Disc Material: ASTM A126 GR. B (Cast Iron), Ductile Iron, ASTM A216 GR. WCB (Cast Carbon Steel), ASTM A351 GR. CF8/CF8M (SS 304/SS 316), ASTM A351 GR. CF3/CF3M (SS 304L/SS 316L), ASTM A351 GR. CN7M, ASTM A351 Gr. CF8C, ASTM A351 Gr. CD4Mcu/ASTM A351 Gr. CK3MCuN, ASTM A352 Gr. LCA/LCB/LCC, ASTM A217 Gr. WC1/WC6/WC9/C5/C12, ASTM A494 Gr. CW6MC/CW2M/CY40/CU5MCuC
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