Considerations for Electric Ball Valve Actuator Selection and Usage

The electric ball valve actuator is a crucial control device for achieving program control, automatic operation, and remote control of electric ball valves. The correct selection and usage of the actuator are paramount to avoid overload and ensure optimal performance. Here are key points to pay attention to:

1. Torque Considerations:

The output torque of the actuator is a critical parameter. It should be 1.2 to 1.5 times the maximum operating torque of the selected ball valve. This ensures that the actuator can handle the valve's movement without overloading.

2. Opening and Closing Speed:

Selecting an appropriate opening and closing speed is vital to prevent issues like water hammer. Different usage conditions may require varying speeds to avoid excessively fast movements that could impact system stability.

3. Torque Limitation:

Electric ball valve actuators must be capable of limiting torque and rotation angle. Incorrect torque limit settings, low power supply voltage, or environmental factors can lead to overload. Regular checks and adjustments are necessary to maintain proper functionality.

4. Operating Environment:

Ambient temperature control is crucial, ranging from -25°C to 70°C. Operating outside this range may compromise the thermal capacity of the motor, affecting its performance.

5. Special Situations:

Consider explosion-proof electric ball valves in scenarios involving unstable current, environmental corrosion, flammable/explosive conditions, special media, or when minimal maintenance is expected over an extended period.

6. Avoid Disassembly:

Electric mechanisms are complex, and attempting self-disassembly can lead to accidents. Professional maintenance is recommended in case of failures or malfunctions.

7. Handle with Care:

Under no circumstances should the electric ball valve be knocked or improperly assembled. Proper handling ensures the longevity and reliability of the electric ball valve system.

By adhering to these considerations, one can ensure the optimal functioning, safety, and longevity of electric ball valve actuators in diverse applications.

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