Challenges and Solutions for Lined Plug Valves
Ensuring the smooth operation of pipeline systems depends heavily on valves, including lined plug valves. However, these valves face significant challenges in practical applications, ranging from closure issues to lining detachment. To address these concerns effectively, it's crucial to understand their root causes and propose viable solutions to ensure smooth operation of lined plug valve, maintaining pipeline system reliability and safety.
1. Problem Analysis
Despite their importance, lined plug valves encounter several issues that hinder their optimal performance.
Cold Flow and Lining Detachment
At normal temperatures, valves with special linings are susceptible to the phenomenon known as cold flow, especially under unique process conditions. Prolonged storage or improper handling can result in the detachment of the lining, particularly in valves used under special process conditions.
Operational Instability and Lining Misalignment
Frequent opening and closing of large-diameter valves may generate excessive friction between the lining and the plug, leading to lining misalignment and consequently affecting the normal operation of the valve.
Partial Opening and Lining Deformation
During the system's trial and commissioning phase, partially opening valves may cause lining deformation, thus affecting the valve's flow control effectiveness.
2. Corresponding Solutions
Addressing these challenges requires the implementation of targeted solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of each problem.
Proper Valve Storage to Prevent Cold Flow
During valve storage, measures should be taken to prevent unnecessary stress on the lining. Adopting methods such as full-open storage ensures the lining remains in an ideal state, thus mitigating the occurrence of cold flow phenomena.
Even Force Application to Prevent Misalignment
Operators should apply force evenly when opening or closing valves to minimize the risk of lining misalignment or damage. The use of extended levers or F-type wrenches can aid in this process, ensuring the smooth operation of the valve.
Utilizing Self-Adjusting Globe Valves for Flow Control
During the system's trial and commissioning phase, employing self-adjusting globe valves or similar technologies for flow control can prevent issues related to partial valve opening, thus ensuring the system's smooth operation.
Analyzing and addressing common issues in lined plug valves enhances their stability and reliability, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of pipeline systems. Emphasizing regular maintenance and management further extends valve lifespan, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances pipeline safety.
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